JAMIE LAWSON: singer-songwriter

Photography by: Rhiannon Fitzgerald, Ben Heath and Kristina Salyklyte.

Words by Harry Potts


Singer-songwriter and musician, Jamie Lawson was the first artist to be signed to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records and supported Ed on his X Tour.

He is best known for his hit single, “Wasn’t Expecting That”, and his self-titled album which peaked at number one on the UK Albums Chart in 2015.

He was offered his first record deal after being spotted at an ‘open mic’ night at the Whiskey Jar in the Northern Quarter. Jamie, born in Plymouth in 1975, now proudly calls Manchester home.

Adopted Mancunian Jamie Lawson

Because of Jamie’s close association with the Northern Quarter, he chose China Lane as the location for his shoot. This narrow Victorian street, a popular location for TV and film makers, was once at the centre of Manchester’s cotton manufacturing and has remained relatively untouched since the industrial revolution.

China Lane

Jamie a former photography student himself, was very comfortable in front of the camera, making suggestions and sharing ideas with the students. During pauses in the shoot, Jamie took the opportunity to photograph the unique location, later posting to instagram.

Ex photography student Jamie, enjoying the experience
The shoot in progress


Student reflection:

“Jamie was not only friendly but genuinely helpful . He managed to answer all of the questions we had prepared, was interested in our college course and supportive of the project. I am very grateful for this unforgettable photographic opportunity.”Kristina Salyklyte

“I was nervous but excited to get the opportunity to meet Jamie Lawson, but really enjoyed the shoot, which has given me a lot of ideas for my  future career. The experience has certainly boosted my confidence enormously.” Rhiannon Fitzgerald


Jamie & Girls
Kristina, Jamie and Rhiannon

Jamie’s five words describing his Manchester:

“Music. Home. Love. Morrissey. Marr.”


Jamie Lawson making music in the Northern Quarter
© All images – The Manchester College (unless otherwise stated)


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