Johnny Marr – musician

Photography by: Ben Heath, Nathan Ianos and Victoria Schofield    

Words by Harry Potts

The Smiths legendary guitarist Johnny Marr kindly gave up his time to be photographed by a group of our students. In this project we always ask the subject to choose a location in the city particularly poignant or significant to them, Johnny chose the Manchester Apollo. Born in Ardwick in 1963, he grew up only a couple of streets away from the theatre and it became the centre of his teenage life, shaping his desire to break into the music industry. His best selling autobiography ‘Set the Boy Free’ makes multiple references to the Apollo, not least his first meeting with Morrissey at a Patti Smith gig in 1978.

Johnny front of stage at the Apollo

Johnny was very obliging and supportive, making suggestions for locations within the theatre. A technically difficult shoot to do – particularly inside the dark spaces of the Apollo’s stage area – we brought studio flash from college to create interesting directional lighting.

Stage left
Morrissey and Marr, 1983 (photo: Paul Slattery)
The Apollo’s giant pulley cables

We then moved outside to photograph Johnny with guitar case crossing the busy Stockport Rd at the front of the Apollo.

Take 1: saw Mr Marr having to dodge the oncoming traffic. Take 2: we got the shot we wanted.

Harry-Johnny Marr-9
Take 1
Harry-Johnny Marr-1
Take 2
Where next?

The final images were captured at the side of the theatre against the Apollo’s 1930s brickwork, these shots place Johnny in a setting from any era of his musical career.

Before Johnny left, he discussed the relevance of the project and emphasised how important it is within the creative industries today, for young Mancunian talent to break through to secure jobs within their own city.

Students Ben, Nathan and Vicky did a superb job! They all have their own distinct photographic styles, combined; it has produced an impressive body of work.

Student Ben, waiting for Johnny + his signed guitar

“Meeting Johnny Marr was a dream come true as he has always been an idol to me. The worry of meeting someone with such a prestigious title disappeared within the first minute of meeting him as he was unbelievably kind and welcoming, he even signed my guitar! Fame clearly hasn’t ruined the person he is, it was a pleasure to meet and photograph such a legend!”

Ben Heath

Up close!
Timeless – classic Johnny Marr

Johnny’s five words describing his Manchester:

“So much to answer for”


Johnny with students: Ben, Nathan and Vicky
© All images – The Manchester College (unless otherwise stated)


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