AKSE P19: street artist

Photography by: Weronika Kordonska and Aleks Paluszek

Words by Harry Potts


Akse is a French born Graffiti Artist based in Manchester since 1997. Akse started painting in 1992 and is a member of the P19 Graffiti Crew. Over the last few years Akse has focused on freehand High-Definition HD photo-realism graffiti portraits. His work around the city always commands people’s attention – he is probably best known for the much-loved giant tribute to David Bowie in the Northern Quarter.

AKSE P19-3a
Akse’s high-definition, photo-realism portraits always grab the public’s attention

Akse chose to be photographed in Burnage alongside his now controversial mural of Kevin Spacey (replaced in 2018 with Uma Thurman ‘Kill Bill’) Both artworks form part of his ‘Psychopaths Project’.

Akse’s ongoing project, which features artwork created around the UK


AKSE P19-Aleks-7
Uma Thurman ‘Kill Bill’


Iconic street art by Akse from around Manchester City Centre


AKSE P19-1a
Akse chooses to maintain his anonymity


Student reflection:

“This was definitely a new experience for me, photographing people I don’t know made me very nervous at the start of the shoot, but I just pushed past this and made sure I got the best images possible . It’s something I definitely enjoyed and was a great opportunity. If I have a chance to photograph another subject for the project, I will certainly have more confidence in my ability”. Weronika Kordonska

“I really enjoyed this surreal shoot with Akse. It offered me the chance to use my beloved Praktica film camera to capture some exciting images – a perfect addition to my portfolio”. Aleks Paluszek


At Work2
Students, Weronika and Aleks working with Akse


Akse creating art on the streets of Manchester


Akse… a Manchester legend


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