project overview

The Manchester College photography department has begun an ambitious three year project; ‘GREATER MANCUNIANS’. TMC loge-Bee4Students (16 – 24 years of age) are in the process of photographing those people born, bred, or who have made their home within the current Greater Manchester boundary and have in some way culturally shaped the city and its surrounding boroughs. iconWe’re inviting, musicians, sportsmen/women, entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, comedians, artists and community champions to be photographed in the city at a poignant or significant location of their choosing.

‘Greater Mancunians’ has an ever growing roster of people committed to contribute.’

Tutor Harry Potts is the main coordinator of the project, but all photography is undertaken by two students per shoot – under his supervision. WayThe principle aim is to give talented young students employability and work experience skills, so vital when breaking into the creative industries. The experience so far have been incredibly positive with student feedback pointing to a massive boost to their inter personal skills, confidence and self esteem.

Phase 1 of Greater Mancunians was exhibited in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in 2018. We are now moving in to phase 2  with more exciting contributors committing to the project.


© All images – The Manchester College (unless otherwise stated)

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